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I have just about run out of room on the original asymic site (this one!), so future posts will be made on “asymic2”!

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25 February 2016, pictures part 2!



Another typical French view along our way…


Houses built into the cliff.


Iron horse! The French are good at decorating their towns.


Improvements! I managed to get a piece of wood from Auto-Sleeper before we left for the shelf at the back, top. Today I managed to buy a multi-pocket thing for hose fittings and clothes lines etc!


This is where we are at Sommieres!

2016-02-24 11.01.52

Spot the parking accident from last night!

2016-02-17 15.18.47

There were loads of geese in the sky a few days ago, marking the end of winter!

cover as pic

OH! and here is a picture of my book, on all practical aspects of motorhoming!

Message me if you want to buy! I will also post a link on my next post, when I will also hopefully give you a link to the new blog…

Next time… GnA



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25 February 2016, pictures

here are the pictures!IMG_4657

This is Watten, out first stop in France.


And now at Courson


A chateaux along the way…


Roundabout time!


This is crossing the Charent


Amazing artwork on this van at Verteuil


A slightly out of place tower for France!


Lovely little stream somewhere on our way past Fontet


It took a few goes to get lined up so we could get onto this bridge without scrapping our shinny wheels!


And this is the view looking back!

I am going to post these now, ten more pictures in a minute!



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25 February 2016

This is the start of our Blog for the travels of 2016 in our shinny new “Kingham” which we call Marigold! It is an extra long wheelbase Peugeot Boxer (same as the Fiat Ducato) with the best layout you can get for a “van conversion”. We have 180 Watts of solar panels on the roof and I changed the modest 25 litre gas tank for a 55 litre one which means we should only have to fill up once every 2 months in the summer!
We left England on the 9th of February, earlier then planned, but we got tired of the rain! We went from Dover to Dunkirk and picked out a route based partly on what we already knew, and partly by which Aires had free electricity (and of course free water and parking!).
Our first stop was at Watten, 15 miles south of Dunkirk to catch up on some zeds after the midnight crossing. We the drove 160 miles SW to Notre Dame de Courson, one of our favourite spots on the route, staying for a few days. Our next planned halt was Le Fleche, only to find a circus had taken up the Aire, so we continued to Chalais for one night. Our next planned stop was Romagne, to find it was not really open, so continued to Verteuil sur Charente, a lovelly town by the river. We ate out at Cafe Portebleue, having a 3 course plat de jour with wine for €14.25 each and it was fantastic!
Next stop was Nersac, a nice little town with a great little Aire with all the freebies! We then went to St Severin, again a really nice stop with everything and spent 2 nights here. I washed and waxed the van, but you wouldnt think so now!
We the dropped into Fontet marina and stayed 2 nights here, visiting friends Jenny and Simon who live on a dutch barge, Adriana. We then stayed at Prayssac, and Segur, before arriving at Sommieres, one of our favourite South of France towns, which is well worh looking at on the internet! We are going to stay here for a little while, to enjoy the town and let the diesel budget catch up! We have everything we need here, free water, enough sun for the solar, Lidl is 5 minutes walk… and then there is the wonderful town, full of little passageways. It is a bastide town, built on half of the roman bridge which crosses the ? river.
The blog is nearly out of space, so I will be starting a new one, but I will let you know the link on my next entry here!
All for now… GnA
 (once again wordpress has changed and I can not work out how to post a picture, so I will post this text while I work it out!)
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September, part 7


Not a good start, I cant remember where this is! we just happened across it!


This is Muret le Chateau, a wonderful town with a carpark suitable for overnighting!


This is Villecomtal, an ex-campsite, but now free aire with free electricity!


And we made our favourite kebabs!


Nice misty morning over  the Rhone(?)


This is Rocamador, some of the buildings are just stuck on the side


Not sure who the driver is here!


This is Oradour-Sur-Glane. You need to read about this on the internet!


This is Angles-s-l’Anglin. We didn’t stay here, but it is worth a post as we passed through!


This is the ruin in La Grande Pressigne!


Today was a work day, building 3 more motorhome control panels!


Fake wine!


This is a 2 storey chapel in a tree, realy well fitted out inside too!


And this is the inside!

Next post…. watch this space!

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September, part 6!

We now have 28 pictures to go, then the blog is up to date with all the pics we took whilst away! But then maybe it all starts again in January.


We start with “Paint job of the week!”


And to complement, our next regular topic “roundabout time!”


This is the view from wild camping below Marseille.


This is Scooby, Shauns dog. Great character, but disappears as fast as Lord Lucan!


And another roundabout!


A Novel scene in Marseille


It is not often we have two paint jobs in one post!


This caterpillar is massive, photographed next to a milk bottom top.


I bought this largish watch for 4 euro, so I can built a watch/altimeter as my next project!


And here are the “guts” under development, hence deliberately out of focus!


Then I made a solar oven using a card board box and some broken pieces of mirror!


This is the result, I should have turned the dish halfway through!


This is mk2, using the bottom of a plastic water barrel lined with tin foil


Then we got up at about 4 to watch the eclipse!

Right… one more post to go!

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September, Part 5


Then we stopped at Lake Cenis for the night. There was a half  built stone “hut” about 2 feet high, so I carried on building it!


Another amazing Statue!


Believe it or not this is a giant puff ball, it could be something else! Thanks to Shaun and his cooking skills the 3 of us get three lots of meals out of this, including a brilliant curry!


Then we were in Verdon Gorge, where we were earlier in the year!


Nice reflections!

That’s another five pictures! More to come!

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