25 April

Ahhh! cracking blue Mediteranean type day, would be so nice to stay another day, but were pressing on… Empty the toilet, fill up with water, drop into the campsite “shop” and get 5 litres of wine for €6.50. We are going for Brindisi, all the way to the ferry port, 140 miles. Stick to the main roads to try and get some more diesel and some food. Supermarkets are a pain to find in Italy. Fuel is a pain too, buy it on the back roads and do self serve and it can be 30 cents cheaper than the Toll roads. All the same the price seems to fluctuate in inverse proportion to the amount left in the tank! I have decided the sat nav is a pain. We want to go the none toll route from here as the dual carriageways are fine, but I cant make it do this despite trying all combinations of toll or motorway in the settings. Anyway we find a Lidles and stock up with food and beer and eat in their carpark. Arrive at Brindisi at 3. Go to the port, next ferry leaves 4.30! what a stroke of luck, could have stayed at the port 4 days with the weekend and no sailings on Monday! We board the ferry and had a sit in the lounge and a panini each, (plus nuttela crape for the cake eater). Then I went for a “wander” and found a way onto the deck where we parked, so here we are back in Monty. I am writing this and Andrea is getting some shut eye whilst digesting the crape. Mind you I might have a little rest in a bit. We hit Igoumenitsa at 1 in the morning. Tomorrow (tonight) I think we will sleep in the port. Oh passed some lovely troll houses on the way!


No supermarket down here!


A Troll house.


About to board the ferry.


Last bit of Italy.

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