26 April

We arrive at Igoumenitsa at about 1.30 Greek time, another zone accomplished! However this is a roll-on roll-back ferry. We were first on and we have to wait for all the lorries to do 6 point turns at the end of each deck to go down the ramps to the exit deck. During this time we get to meet Lesley and Tony who are in a GlobeCar. We Decide to crash in the car park at the ferry when we get off the ship together. Still have not shown our passports to any body since leaving UK. Andrea and I decide we are going to go the long way across Greece by traveling down and around the coast, rather than strait across. we plumb on a first stop at Preveza. When we speak to Lesley it appears they are going here too, so we have a convoy. Well nearly, Tony has CB but not me. We follow them as having planned a lot they want to stop at a village and a port first, which is what we do. We go past some fantastic ruins, great big defence walls with arches. we get to the campsite about 1 and eat at the restaraunt, still a bit early in the season for the full menu, but ok. Strongest feta we have ever had in the salad – probably last years!

We decide to have a siesta at 3.30, next thing we know it is 5.30, the van has turned up to regulo 6 and we emerge seemingly more tired and demanding coffee and internet. Oh Andrea says Candycrush too…


Waking up in the car park at Igoumenitsa ferry terminal.










Beach at the campsite


Monty and Federica parked together

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