27 April

We are moving on today, exploring various places on our way to the next stop about 200kh south of here. I think it is going to be quite a long but fun day. We are doing this with Tony and Lesley. However we will slow down in a day or too and let them zoom along on their pre-planned loop of Greece. Andrea seems to have done something to her foot, so is hobbling a bit. Must have been one of those tense foot tapping moments you must get on candycrush…

Out of interest here is a summary so far:-

Diesel cost €440,  302.75 litres, av cost €1.45

Miles 1688, MPG 34.52 (if you do the sums, we still have about 75litres in the tank!)

Ferries about £250

Tolls including Swiss vignette €96.10

Music 304 tracks listened to out of 12912 so about 84 days left!

However when we stop moving for a month or so then we wont be clocking up these sort of costs! The pension pots might restore slightly then!

We managed to cross France without using toll roads at all. The Swiss vignette is €35 bought at the service station before the border, at the border it is €40. It does last a year. It includes all motorways and some tunnels including the Gottard. In Italy diesel is more expensive than uk (in France it is cheaper). Tolls in Italy are about €1 every 10km. Check which main non toll roads run parallel. Some are as good as our motorways.

That’s all for now… next update when we have another fantastic set of pictures and of course some WiFi (or wifey as Tony and Lesley call it!)

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