29 April

Well last nights mousaka gets 7 out of 10. Nice, but had better. Afterwards there was a great deluge for ten minutes.

Today we headed further south and stopped at the ruins of Oympia, to see where candycrush was first played. Really interesting site – how does something like this get so neglected and wrecked? We then stopped at a real nice harbour town where some rich person had a 200 foot yacht. Did a quick bit of shopping and an ice lolly each. Really nice and warm with clear skies. We have ended up at the bottom of the peninsular, below Pylos, on a lovely site on the beach.

For tea we had steak, onions, tomato, mushrooms and potato salad. Lesley was round sniffing like one of the Bisto kids. Then it was time for a couple of glasses of wine before the big snooze. We were however woken in the night by quite a storm. Most annoying! as I was test riding a new ZX10 in my dreams! Anyway nice at day, storm at night, that’s fine!



A church on route.


The last three candy crush columns that remain, how sad!




All these romans had small winkies.


Nice little circular bay.


Coming down into Marathopoli.


Richy Rich boat.

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