5 May

We left for Athens today. Another day of surprises, especially the Corinth Canal. What a piece of stonework. 25 metres wide, perhaps 200 metres deep and 6km long.

We managed to find “Camping Athens” ok, but they wanted €30 a night, so we decided to head on for the next place on Tony and Lesleys plan. This would be the point where we go in separate directions. However after a few miles they decided they would go back and drive around Athens. we decided we would head on, so we said our final good byes and the satnav took us up some amazing route into the mountains north of Athens. It wasn’t long before we were feeling vertigo and above 3000 feet. We had another 100 miles to do before our planned site where we might re-meet. However we found a site near Desfina which was about 2000 feet up with splendid views and a nice restaurant.

Some of the place names are not English incase you try to find them. Our printed in England atlas seems to only have the foreign spellings!


You can actually see the two blades of the scissors.


Tony, Lesley and Greece (again1).


Corinth canal.


One of the main candycrush factories in Greece.


Coast road.


More coast road!


Mad drivers in Athens.


Andreas worst bite on her front leg.


Again the camera does not do justice to the height or sheer drops.

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2 Responses to 5 May

  1. gerry says:

    hazel has a tip for mosi bites which is heat a spoon in bearabley hot water, dry it quickly and apply to the bite. good luck

  2. asymic says:

    Thank you Gerry, Hazel, we will try this next time we get bitten. They seemed quite aggressive on that site, we have been ok since!

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