13 – 16 May

There has been a bit of a break from the postings!

On Tuesday we drove 70 miles east, through Kavala to Keramoti to get the ferry to Thassos. Brilliant timing, Arrived, bought the ticket (€30) and drove on. 5 minutes later it left despite being nearly empty.

On arrival We went and saw Angie in the Kotrina bar, who seemed very pleased to see us. We then headed for our favourite restaurant, Playa-de-oro and met Christina. I had prawns and Andrea had meat balls in sauce. These are actually two large ball shaped pieces of tender meat, about 2 inches in diameter.  We then headed to a wooded area near the sea at the centre of Golden sands for the night.

On Wednesday it was very windy and some trees had broken and we decided to move nearer the harbour end for shelter. This is a really nice spot with free wifi and we have spent the last 2 nights here.

Tomorrow we might head round the other side of the island to Skala Marion, a lovely little harbour with deserted restaurants.


Statue of a lion! I think this guy thought we were taking his picture!


Viaduct in Kavala.


Crows nest on the church, just before Keramoti.


Monty on the starting grid for Thassos.


Ice cold glass of Mythos at Angies bar.


On the first night we had a 6 inch lizard join us for the night!


Spot Monty! just to the right of centre under a tree.

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