23 May

We are presently at the Island bar in Thassos having coffee. I am writing this whilst Andrea is updating facetube and candy crush stuff…

We have missed a few bits out. 1 week ago we got back to the van and found the heater had died. After taking the pcb out of the control box we both inspected it for bad joints and burns and decided it was ok. I then downloaded enough to work out it was sending the signals to the actual heater, sso we took this out, and apart, then found a dry joint. A quick dab with the soldering iron (brought my hobby stuff!) and away it went, HEAT! a relief really they are about £700.

Talking of hobbies, I am now building a Journey logger. Stick it in your camper and it records your location every 15 mins or so, automatically every time you drive. Then after your journeying you can download your route onto Maps. Clever eh?

The other point is I have decided Garmin sat navs are definitely rubbish!

Yesterday we had a club sandwich and a beer at the Island Bar, and went to the museum. Very interesting.


Its actually the sun on Andrea, Nothing to do with the nude statue behind her.


Then Andrea said “Look theres me!” I agreed with her of course.


Looks like Oscar Pistorius’s granddad was greek.




Chapel built inside the old walls of a chapel.


Thassos town looking across the old harbour.

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