24 – 28 May

We left Thassos old town and headed back to Panagia harbour going past Potomia so Andrea could have a look in some of the inland shops.

The weather has been excellent and I have been snorkelling a few times, Andrea even got off the sun bed and dipped her toes.

I have made a lot of headway with my journey logger, but I did not bring a gps module with me so might not finish it before coming home. It does work as a data logger and I recorded the temperature in the ‘van every 15 minutes last night… (boring eh?)

Andrea said “I am having a fantastic time and don’t want to go home ever!”

Now that we aren’t doing so many miles, or using campsites we are living inside my pension budget, so that’s good! Tonight we are going to eat at Theagenis restaurant. Eating out once a week is fine.

Tomorrow we are going to move somewhere else on the island!


Last night at Thassos. Lovely town!


House in Potamia. They might be broke, but loads of Greeks have hoists for the shopping!


View of Golden Beach and Skala Panagia from Potamia.


The starts of my Journey logger, built into the plastic case from a pack of playing cards.


Andrea “toe swimming”


Me about to stick my head in….


Journey logger wired up. The space bottom left is for the gps module.

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