25 June

25 June

Update for the last week or so…

Whilst staying in Asprovalta we met a German couple, Iris and Peter and had a great 5 days taking it in turns to cook, and going out for the odd beer or gyros. On the Saturday night there was a noisy disco near us which got even louder at about 4 in the morning, meaning most of the motorhomers didnt get any more sleep! We werent sure if it was going to happen every week, or just because it was midsummers day.

On Sunday Iris and Peter would leave for the ferry, so we said bye to them and departed our selves to see the only coast we had not yet seen, the three fingers of Polygyros (perhaps they have many gyros here?!)

The first co-ordinates we headed for were full, and not such an ideal spot, so we went back 8 miles where there were a few motorhomes in a lovely bay, near Kalamitsi. We broke out the bbq and had some more wonderful kebabs, and spent a few hours chatting to an Austrian couple. Apparently a bulldozer was going to cut the area off where we were parked! Only night here then.

The next day we decided we would go back to Asprovalta, but up the west side of Sithonia, having come down the east side. 10 miles on we saw a lovely inlet, with some motorhomes at Porto Koufo, and decided to stay there. We ended up staying 2 nights and doing our washing before returning to Asprovalta where we are now.

in a couple of days time we will head west to catch up with Theoharis in Konitsa. After seeing them, we will head upto Albania and Montenegro.

My journey logger is now working and I have posted a picture of this mornings drive.



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