Wednesday is Our last night at Astrovalta and we seem to have a number of gypsies parked around us. They seem nice enough, but I take their intrigue in our camper as a possible suss out, so we move 4 miles west along the coast and parkup by the beach. Next to us is a cordoned off bridge over a river. In the half light I wander over to have a look only to find some army guy lifting his rifle up at me. I put my hands outwards and walk backwards and he lowers the rifle. I point at Monty and ask “OK?” He says OK! so we decide its probably the safest place to stay.

In the morning we set for Konitsa to see Theoharis and Mario, who we met in Thassos. It is 220 miles and we plan to do it in 2 days, However we make quite good time taking it easy and having a few breaks. The further we go the more breath taking the mountains and road become. We get to Konitsa and ask for the house name, only to be told this is a village! So I put this into the sat nav and sure enough, 6 miles away there is a place called Kavasila, so off we head up this shrinking road up the mountains again. We arrive at siesta time and it takes 30 minutes to find some life and where they live. Eventually to their surprise we find them and get fed and beered.

Haris, as he is called, is Greek and looks a bit like Rick Stein (only he doesnt keep saying “and the amazing thing is”!) and Mario is Finish, where they also have a house. In one months time Haris will go to Finland and we will head North with him for some of the way. Haris was given some land by his mother and brought a Finish cabin back and put it up here, and this is where we are staying at the moment, whilst I help do bits of woodwork.

The next few days we get shown around the area. It is lovely, and so different to the touristy coast. Kavasila has 20 houses and 5 are empty. Water comes from a number of springs which are pumped up to a large tank above the village. Everyone has mobile internet which we are hot spotted to. The connection is quite good! There is a little tavern in the village and thats about it.

We will probably stay here another week, and then head off for a week or so exploring Igoumenitsa and that area, and completing a full lap of Greece, before returning for a week and then travelling north.



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