27 July

If anyone is still following this then here is an update!

WordPress have changed their format, so I cant now post a few, words, then a picture, then a few words! Even customer support now say I cant do it the way I used to! What sort of blogging site is this then?? rubbish! You can supposedly put pictures in the gallery, but most of mine seem to big or something.

Additionally we have not gone anywhere since my last entry! We are still staying in Kavasila near Konitsa at Theohariss’s (Harry) place, so there has not been much new to post, except the scenery around here is amazing.

If I find a decent blog site I will move and let you all know. Otherwise keep upto date on Andrea’s Facebook… If you want to be her friend look for Andrea and the surname you would expect!

So we came and visited Harry and Mario on 26 June and had a few days out with them before Mario flew back to their place in Finland. Since Andrea has cooked and I have been working for harry in exchange for free lodgings and food and drink. We have put floors down, cleared out the basement, put a toilet suite in upstairs, cleared loads of rubbish and built a 22 step set of steps up to the front of his house, involving 1 weeks work and about 25 tons of concrete.

I tried to cut my thumb off with a pull saw (very good little wood saw) and had to go and get some stitches. The hospital at Konitsa felt it needed more serious attention, so we has to go to ionnina for a proper check on tendons and nerves before the sewing kit came out. (Holding a syringe he said “this is for the pain” I said “what relief do I get for that though?” as he proceeded to perforate me all over!)

We have had odd days out around the area. Harry’s house (Finish cabin) is 600 metres up and the mountains next to us are 2700 metres high. We have been to two, totally Greek fiestas, which have been very interesting. Being quite far inland it is very cultural and we are known as “the tourists!” Much more interesting than being by the sea. 

There is a pool bar down the road and Harry and myself have been going and playing tennis there.

Also Andrea and myself have not had a cigarette for 2 weeks now!

I will try and post some pictures…

all for now Andrea & Grant

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2 Responses to 27 July

  1. gerry lewis says:

    after two weeks you are as good as quit. Bestest thing you will ever do is kick the weed. Good on you. Took me 40 years to say finally thats it. The decision to quit is what matters. Please please dont have even one morecigarette,.it only takes one to undermine all the gains. Cheers to both of you. regards –gerry

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