3 August

Well we have 4 days left before we head for Albania and then Montenegro, so I thought I would post a few more pictures of Kavasila and the surrounding area.

We have been here for 5 weeks and it will seem strange going back and living in Monty. I haven’t a clue how much water we have, the gauge doesn’t seem to like Greek water! We also haven’t got any of the normal supplies in the van, The fridge is not cold (yet!) I will chill that down at night time. But I do know the gas tank is full! So got to do some shopping, get some retsina, and a wedge of euros for the journey.

Tomorrow I have my stitches out… nice!


View of the mountains and Konitsa from under the awning at Lotos Farm Pool Bar.

This is where we play tennis. Lovely place, lovely views.


We stopped at a café with some springs at the side of the mountain. Nice and cool.


Last bit of building work, Mario and Harry now have a pair of pillars for the gate. It might keep the Greek dogs out, but not the cats!


This lovely house is quite sound and restorable, I am waiting to hear`how much it is. We already have the chance to buy an acre of land for 3500 euro, which we could use with no overheads…


View from the village tavern towards the church. Mario and Harry’s bright red roof is on the left. This is about half of the village in this shot!


I left my journey logger running for the last few weeks as we dithered around Konitsa and had a day out in Ioannina… I am now doing the software for my greenhouse controllers. I will have a range of 5 products when I get home!

All for now… not sure what wifi we will find in Albania, if nobody nicks my netbook that is!!

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