9,10,11 Aug

Its a bit difficult to date some of this, like on the 9th Aug I posted the pictures from the 8th! Anyway we have been on the road for 3 days, just cruising along taking in the sights and stopping each night!

We are now in Slovenia, having passed through Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia Actually you do Croatia twice! Look at the map of the coast road.

Out of all the places we have been the Croatia tops the lot. WOW it is stunning! And so is Dubrovnik. What a massive walled city.

I will post the first days pics here, and do a separate page for each of the next days, just incase wordpress or wifi have a wobbler!


Nice little Island by Montenegro.


If you zoom in you will see the airplane trying to miss the mountain!


This is on the ferry we caught to save 30km at Zelenika.


Another check point…. We have done some of these now!


Amazing view..


Parked up for the night… zzzzz

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