18 August

Well we are still at the campsite “Vierthaler”, just below Salsburg. It is a lovely site, and quite cheap too. We are both hobbling a bit from yesterdays splendid outing to “The worlds biggest Ice Cave”. It was a splendid day out!

We drove about 4 miles down the road to Werfen where we got a transfer bus to take us up to the cable car, because we were told that we would not get the motorhome up the hill! However the bus managed it and when we got to the entrance there was a motorhome there! Anyway a splendid view was had with the bus taking us up some 1000 or so metres. It then took 10 minutes of up hill walking to get to the entrance and pay for our tickets. It then tokk 20 minutes of up hill walking to get to the cable car.

Wow this was quite scarry. Very steep. I wouldn’t want to be in there if it was gusty. Andrea sat in the corner looking at the floor all the way!

Then we had another 20 minutes of uphill walking to the cave entrance. The views from up here were fantastic and certainly made a major part of the day.

No Photography was allowed in the cave, great shame. The tour took 70 minutes and involved 1400 steps, some quite steep.

By the time we got back Andreas hip was killing her and my knees seemed to suffer, mainly from walking downhill!


House by the campsite.


River by the campsite. this is the overshoot. below is a small hydro-electric power station.


Werfen town info board.


House and mountain by campsite.


Going up the hill in the bus. Werfen castle.


View before the cable car.


Hut at the bottom of the cable car.


View from the top of the cable car.


This is the entrance to the ice cave. It doesn’t look much, but it goes back 43km. we went In about 1km.

Rest of the pictures are on the next posting, because there are quite a few here!

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