28 Dec 2014

Time to wake all you people back up from your xmas slumbers and get ready to start following us again!

During the last 4 months we have managed to sell our car, caravan and Monty. our camper from our last escapades, and buy a Bailey Approach 745.

I have also been doing a bit of work in my mates garage, and some building work too. Regrettably, I think I have done a little too much work, as it looks like I am going to have to give the taxman some next year!

On January the 3rd we head for Dover, probably stopping at the park and ride in Canterbury whilst we book a ferry and eat at the last Harvester for months…. Then head To Oberkail in Germany for the first stop… Second stop will be Finland…

2012-11-17 15.07.00


2014-04-13 18.48.31


2014-10-29 07.58.44

New Home! Hope it fits on all the roads ok!

2014-10-20 15.44.31

One of my jobs in Rich’s garage, new sills and paint…

2014-11-12 09.42.56

Lots of filling and rubbing…

2014-12-10 15.36.48

And lots of grinding and welding on this rusty transit!

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