5 January 2015

We left the campsite in Cheltenham on Friday and headed to Canterbury to stay at the Park and Ride. It is £3 for 24 hours in the motorhome area, which is big enough for about 20 motorhomes. Next door is a lovely pub, The Old Gate inn, which has great décor and open fires. Canterbury is a lovely City too, and well worth visiting, especially as the bus is included in the charge.

We booked our Ferry for 2 am, 5 January, Dover to Dunkirk.

By Sunday evening out electricity was running a bit low, due to lack of sunshine, so we decided to head to Dover early and then carry on watching TV! BUT we had a problem, the ticket machine would not work and we could not get out! There were some police training their dogs in the car park, so I wandered over to see if they could help. They pointed out that someone had broken the exit barrier, and the fact that they had not told me, so we left paying nothing!

We got to Dover at about 9, and they put us on the 22.00 ferry. By midnight were in France, and set course for Iris and Peter in Oberkail. 250 miles, 6 hours, -5C in places with 6 inches of snow in places we arrived just as Iris was leaving for work.

We had breakfast, and then went to bed for a few hours!

Oberkail looks lovely with the snow!


Canterbury Park n Ride. “Biff” (from the number plate!) is on the right.

2015-01-04 12.31.03

Last Sunday dinner and pint of Spitfire for 10(?) months!

2015-01-05 10.22.30

View of Oberkail.

2015-01-05 10.23.35

Iris and Peter’s back garden.

All for now…. GnA

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2 Responses to 5 January 2015

  1. quaggy says:

    hi you two it looks nice there but cold !.(told you I read it this time grant ha ha ha )

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