21 January

On 18th January we left Iris and Peter, and family, to start our winter trek to Finland. Thats the plan, but we could end up deciding its to cold and icy… Hope not! We got to our planned stop at Eisenach, but decided it was a little bit to remote, and headed into the town and found an aire by a greek restaurant. 50.97873,10.32059. No faciliies here. It turned out to be ok and the town was very quite, despite being a bit run down.

In the morning we set off with two planned possible stop offs and ended up in Bautzen, a lovelly town spread across the cliffs on either side of the river Spreen. We stayed at an aire with toilets, and broken “sani” unit. 51.18209,14.41490. I went and did some shopping whilst Andrea started cooking tea, after which it was wine for me  and jack for Andrea. My card wont work in the petrol station, but some nice guy took 50 euros off me and used his card. (well none of my 4 cards worked actually!)

In the morning we set off for the next stop, which is mean to be Wroclaw, but we just carried on driving and stopped at the services just before Warsar with all the big trucks and their noisy fridges and heaters, watching stuff recorded over xmas! 52.10933,20.46209. Toilets, but thats it!

21th January we continue past Warsaw and start to head into snow and fog. It all looks a bit daunting, but we stop for coffee and get on someones wifi and check weather as far as Estonia. It all looks okayish so we decide to finish todays leg and see how it goes! We dont seem to have found any toll points on our travels, despite the ”net” saying they are on the A1,2 and 4! Good!

We stop at a supermarket and get a couple of days worth of veggies, milk, tinnies and a bottle of apple fire water stuff (£2) 20%. Andrea has just tried it and I think might take up fire eating… Total bill £10 something. Just short of leaving Poland we stop with some trucks at a parkup with a Swiss bar club Hmmm! 54.14340.22.96456. Outside it snowing! For tea we have sausages, brocolli and tatties! My card seems to be working in Poland! Phew!

Tomorrow…. Who knows! we havent stayed at one of the planned places yet!



18 Jan route


19Jan route


20 Jan route


21 Jan route

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