24 January

We have driven up through Lithuania and have parked up at a campsite in the middle of Riga in Latvia. (56.95637,24.07846) It is not open, but the 24hr security gaurd has let us stay for 10 Euro, and its starting to get dim, so rather than look for a safe looking truck stop and driving in the dark this is where we have stopped. It will also be nice not to be parked up by the refrigerated lorries and have a quite kip!

So far the country side has been quite flat and boring, like Norfolk, but interesting because we havent been here

before and the buildings are all different. The river running down into Riga was frozen for along way, only changing to water near the middle of the town, probably where the salt water meets it.

Riga has some quite interesting buildings and bridges, and is probably worth staying at in the summer for a good explore. I did however have a half hours walk to get Andrea a cake for after dinner! Well 2 actually, costing a whole 80 cents.

50 miles back I managed to empty the toilet at the services without anybody noticing! It was only half full, but you dont know how long till the next chance. Tomorrow we will probably head all the way to Tallinn, unless we see somewhere inviting(!).

We leave Riga, and as we fuel up I get talking to a guy, Chris. He looked at the motorhome with intrigue, and spoke very good English having been in England for 5 years. I ask if he knows where we can fill up with water. He asks which we way are going and I say “Finland!” He looks slightly surprised, but tells us we can fill up at his workshop, so thats what we do! and he gives us a bottle of local beer! Thank You Chris! He sugests somewhere we should stop off on our way, Saulkrasti…

We also stop at a supermarket, and fill up with Gas. 5 days heating is about 13 Euro. Fine! We get to Tallinn and it is bitter! We go to the ferry, its 164 Euro now, or 105 at 7.30 in the morning, so we stay the night in the carpark by terminal A.

We get up at 5.30, have breakfast and head for the ferry, arriving in Helsinki at 9.30. As we drive out of the Port gate Harry is waving at us! We follow him, Mario and Amilia to a traditional shack for coffee. Harry Joins me whilst Andrea and the other ladies take amelia to the bus station, then meet us at Lidls, 60 or so miles West. I then take Harry to the train station to pickup his camper from this morning. I follow him the 15 miles to his house. 0.3 miles to go and I cant get up the hill. The roads have slowly got worse and worse. The packed snow and ice were ok where it was flat, but every time I try to go up, even with a bit of a run, I go sideways! Harry comes back and despite putting the handbrake on Biff starts sliding down the hill. Irun down and jump back in, and gently apply the (front) brakes and stop. Out with the snow sox, and just manage to get up the hill.

We have mid afternoon food, and I start writing this!


route 22 Jan


route 23 Jan


route 24 Jan


Ita snowing!


More white!


In every post is a church! well just about!


That’s what it says! Nice town


Where the river meets the salt water?!


Interesting building.


We had trouble finding a space at the campsite in Riga!


The beach at Saulkrasti. Thanx for the pointer Chris! The board says the water is 14 degrees!


There was a tree painted like this in Wales, Andrea thought she was back home!


Another chair (only regular readers will relate to this!)


A river in Estonia, flowing out to sea


Whoops, this is the old border crossing into Estonia!


This is a tram, using electricity, but running on tyres! Wouldn’t want to make a wrong turn then!

More pics to come, but must post this bunch incase of a crash!

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2 Responses to 24 January

  1. quaggy says:

    morning grant and andrea look like it cold there just started to snow here but only a little .

    • asymic says:

      Hi Quag, Well we are quite used to the snow now! Heading further north on Thursday, going up Lapland way to see Northern lights! then down thru Sweden!

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