10 Feb! Wifi

We left Harry and Marios on the 2 feb and decided to head up through Finland and see the northern lights, coming down through Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We new it might be a bit cold!

We got to Pori on the west coast and stopped for our first night. It was bitterly cold dipping to at least -8 overnight. Our water pipes were frozen, and our sink would not drain either. At this point we decided the northern lights would get their viewing another time, and started to head south, Firstly to Helsinki, then Southern France and Spain! Some journey looking for the sun eh? Anyway if you go to Finland use the “ABC” garages, they have water points, toilets and restaurants and are motorhome friendly.

It is the 9 Feb today and cant really tell you where we stopped, but will post a number of pictures. Tonight however we are in Slovenia at the motorhome friendly pub we found last year. (45.55116,14.05989) Where we are going to stay for a few days and recover from the trek down through Estonia (Tallinn is lovely!). Latvia, Lithuania, Poland (staying at the Swiss Bar Club again!), Slovakia, Hungary (crap roads!), Croatia (So nice, we loved it in the summer too) and Slovenia.

We have now covered 4200 miles and despite some dreadful temperatures and snow it has been an experience to remember! The small non-toll road we took through Croatia for about 80 miles went up to 2500 feet and had 3 feet of snow at the sides in places.

Most nights we parked with the lorries at services and had no problems at all. I even watched Ratatoee in Croatian last night!

Luckily we dont seem to have endured any cracked water pipes or pump etc with our freezes, and we are both nicely showered and about to go and eat Slovakian grub!


The turn back in Finland. I think we did the right thing here!


Our Run to Slovenia

I will post various pictures on the next few pages… Might not be able to remember where they are though!


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