25 Feb, Villevieille

I was going to email John and Roz, who we met in Le Motte. However I seem to have lost your email address! so if you read this please email me.

So, yesterday I took a half hour stroll up the next hill to view the walled village of Villevieille. Another lovely quiet place!


The entrance, similar to Sommieres!


The town is about the size of a football pitch riddled with walkays.


Wow a pink 2CV with wide wheels! Crazy, must make it even harder to push!


Biggest space in the village!


I only saw one person in walking all the alleys. Oh and talking of that, I managed to finish walking all the passages in Sommieres yesterday!


This is the castle at one of the corners.


Nice effort on the menu! wonder if the food is as good!


The other side of the castle.


Don’t know what this means, but it was something I passed , so its in the blog!


Nicely painted letter boxes. (Actually back in Sommieres now!)


And here is todays church entry!

Until we move on, or I find another area to explore in sensible walking distance, the blog will not get updated until…

Next place, next WiFi…


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