5 Mar, Belmont sur Range

Back to the tourist office, this time in Belmont to see how good this wifi is!

On Monday we left Sommeires and drove through Sete, Le Cap d’Adge and stayed the night in the middle ov Lodeve, ready for the predicted good weather to see the Millau bridge, however the barriers at the side really meant good pictures were not possible.

We then drove on to Belmont and have been here 2 nights. We will stay tonight, then will head SW to Minerve, Carcassone, Queribus, Villefranche, Mont-Loius, and then head back to the caost to Collioure. That’s the plan anyway.

We did our washing this morning and now have 8 litres of water left, and the tap at the aire is not working, so we are forced to move on tomorrow anyway!


Market at Sommieres on Saturday.


Lovely spices and mouth watering goodies, at a special price though!


Then they were hot air ballooning over the river!


military looking boats at Sete.


Castle at Cap d’Agde.


Cap d’Adge. lovely place looking at the plan on the leaflet. but the harbour is a sea of masts and you cant see the separate islands.


Not sure what happens in this hotel?!


Stone hut thing!


Start of the Millau bridge.


Picture of the barriers on the bridge!


It is very impressive to drive over!


Guess who?

I will post these and then do the next batch!

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