16 March, Barcelona (near!)

It has been quite a long break since the last post, apologies if I get the places and photos mixed up! Not that you will probably know!

After the last post at Belmont-S-Rance we went to Pons-de-Thomieres, Limoux (about 40 motorhomes packed into this aire, what a surprise! Then Mont-Louis, wow what a brilliant aire, partly inside the walls of this fortress town! Also the drive over the Pyrenees was absolutely brilliant, with a lovely big plataue on top!

We stayed here for 3 nights but popped down the road to Villefranche de Conflent to investigate that walled town and have some mid dy nosh at the café there.

On Thursday we set off to see Lesley and Tony who we met in Greece last year, in Torrelles de Llobregot, near Barcelona, where we have been for 4 days, staying in the football ground car park 1 minutes walk from their house!


Snow on the Pyrenees, well it is mid March!


This is the source of the river in Pons-de-Thomiere!


Lovely little bridge here too! And we had a lovely 3 course meal for 61 Euros inc drinks!


This months project… A “clip-on” ammeter, so I can see what my solar panel is doing!


And for those interested further here are the guts! it uses a hall-effect sensor in the clothes peg to measure the magnetic field in the wire, and hence the current!


Tower above Pons de Thomieres.


And this is were we are parked!


Its just a house! Nice renovation project!


Then I ended up coming out in the back of what was once an old house! Zoom in on the sink in the window!


From the other side I took this picture of the church and hill opposite! Note the brilliant (coincidental) horizon and joins in the blocks!


Then we went and parked by the graveyard and did the rest of our washing!


Not sure where this is! Somewhere between Finland and Barcelona!


This is Minerve, what a lovely place, oh and that’s the last pic too!


Wash house in Minerve…


Carcassonne Big castle / walled town. We didn’t go inside here, because it looked like another load of small street houses!


Another view!


This is my ammeter in action! Its actually a solar Watt meter! First of its type! Clothes peg reads the amps, wires in mmy left hand read the volts, bottom line of the display gives the Watts! neat eh?

Anyway, next post and pics in a minute, and will include Barcelona!


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