14 April, part 2!

More pictures…


Then there was a model village on the side of this cliff!


Not sure where this is!


Nor this!


View from the hill by Greasque aire, it was a mine!


Thunderbirds are go! This is Vado Ligure in Italy.


Paint job of the week!


Hmmm Italy!


Then I decided to revamp the journey logger. It still logs our travels, but now it also gives the heading and distance to the nearest aire, constantly scanning our file of 12000 places to stay. That way we don’t have to keep looking on the satnav!


Andrea’s handywork with the camera!


No entry without a church, well except last time!


Angled shoot down onto Monaco.


And a close up! Having driven all along the coast here it was nice to take the higher road.


Block Head?

That brings us up to date. We are presently back in La Motte, and will be starting to resource close, small interesting towns!

Next post next time, hope it is sooner than this though!


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One Response to 14 April, part 2!

  1. gerry lewis says:

    my fav place in your region is villefrance sur mer (yes it is on the sea) Same value as Cannes or Nice but cheaper. good luck. About Italy autogas. —-If memory serves, it is illegal to sell into unsuitable containers, and the itie culture is all about bribery nudge Wink!

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