14 April

It has been nearly a month since my last post here! Oh dear!

I really wont be able to put names of places to pictures! We have had quite a few stops in various places. We left Tony and Lesley and started to head down the east coast of Spain, planning to meet them at the end of the week (about 3 weeks ago. However when our gas got low and we decided to fill up we discovered we did not have an adapter for Spain, despite having 3 different ones! So we headed back up to France, and started staying in some of our favourite places. About 1 week ago we decided we would head for the campsite we stayed at by the sea in Italy, which was very cheap. We started slowly heading in that direction, and when we needed to fill up with gas found that all the garages were refusing, stating that it was against the law in Italy to use autogas for motorhome service use. At this point we were quite amazed and decided to head back into France and carry on exploring!

Various pictures follow!


Roundabout time!


Another lovely colour lake.


Statue just inside the French border from Spain.


Nicely decorated council building in the same place.


We decided to visit Salses Castle, and stayed in the car park for a few nights.


It is an amazing, big castle.


Paint job of the week, lots of little castles!


There was a lot of rain last night and lots of long worms had come out!


Inside the castle.


And here is John…


Roundabout time.


Nice little aire in France.


Nice view…


More of those French trees, leaning into the bend!


Bridge on a bridge! click on the photo and look at the statues…

I will post this, more in part 2!


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One Response to 14 April

  1. gerry lewis says:

    If you had known b4, i have an autogas adaptor for spain. There is a guy in camberley who sells adaptors on internet wherefrom i got mine —cheers

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