27 July

Incase you wondered where we had got to….. We popped back to England and swapped our motorhome. It is all a long story but too many frustrating problems!

I am presently writing this at the tourist information office in Château Gontier. Usually I get on wifi and use my computer, but here I am using theirs, and it is a French keyboard, hence the mistakes!

When we left France we managed to get a ferry for 48 euros (for a 7.45m motorhome) which was very good. 3 weeks later we came back to France and slowly started heading SE, staying at Wissant, Boursville, Honfleur (a lovelly town by the sea with a 200 motorhome aire!), Courzon (lovely aire by the river, where we got caught up with the Tour de France), Fresnaye Sur Chedouet, St Remy de Val, St Leonard de Bois, St Pierre des Nids, Ste Suzanne (lovelly little walled town with château), and now we are at Château Gontier.

It has been a slow plod staying for an average of 3 days at each place, and finding a number of aires with free electricity (and water of course!)


Here we are following Bernie and Anne through Dieppe, on our way to Honfleur…


Church of the day! Nice stonework.


We caught a ferry to get across the inlet, which to our suprise was free!


Otherwise we would have paid to get over this bridge.


This is Honfleur


This is the Harbour, sorounded by restaurants.


Amazing Church, covered in wooden shingles.


They seem to have built upwards a few storeys at a time, getting wider too!


We ate out with Bernie and Anne. A beer, 3 courses and a bottle of wine was 100 euro, good!


Looking one way at the aire. Total capacity over 200 motorhomes…


Roudabout time!


This is Lisieux


all of the walls are mozaic, even the crypt! Fantastic!


We had to wait for the Tour de France to get through before we could get to the aire in Courzon.


At Courzon some bloke started playing the bag pipes! It was quite good, but I only need to hear them once a year (bit like Elvis Presley too!)


Then we had a water leak and siezed waterpump pressure switch. Vic ( who we met here) had some good quality surgical gloves and sandwitching a layer on top of the diaphragm and freeing off the switch has worked well (so far!) however I have now got a car inner tube I can make a diaphragm from when this fails!


We had a few days when it was above 40C, so parked up on the north side of a cliff 200 feet below where I am standing!

This is Leonard de Bois, very nice area.

2015-07-17 11.25.44

This hotel was like the Marie Celeste! A good explore! It has been empty for a number of years. It still had all the furniture, sheets in the linen cupboards, crockery etc! Even two perfectly looking cars in the carpark which had not been used for 3 years! The wine cellar was empty though!

2015-07-21 14.30.59

This is a picture of a picture of Ste Suzanne! Well wort a wander!

2015-07-23 12.19.48

There were a number of “interesting” signs like this, I expect they were politicians or police commisioners houses…

So, next post, next time…


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