4 August

We are now in Creon, near Bordeaux. We will hop down another 60 mile towards Spain ready to meet Tony and Lesley to do NW Spain!

After Chateau Gontier we have stayed at Segre, a lovely town with an air next to the river, Thouars, Roullet st Estephe and now Creon.

2015-07-29 09.51.28

Market at Segre.

2015-07-31 13.59.23

I ducked down to take this picture and get more sunflowers in!


I tried this cider, quite nice, not sure what sort of trouble I was meant to have….


This is the aire at Segre, River is behind me.


And this is the view the other way!


41.2 mpg, good eh? however it is now reading 41.8!


Then we saw lots of hotair balloons!


Ruined abbey just down the road from Creon


Parked up at Creon. We had a great storm last night. We have aslo been having a good time with the guy in the middle motorhome, and Patricia who has converted the Renault. Brilliant with Solar hot water and plastic turf for carpet!


Wonderful snail outside the tourist office in Creon!

Only other news… Vics glove worked well on the water pump repair, but the switch kept sticking. I managed to find a car inner tube and have made a new diaphragm and all is well!

Sorry, no churches or roudabouts this time!

Next time….


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