15 August part 2

Here are some more pictures of the last town we stayed, Mielan, and our journey on to Lectoure…


Nice early morning inversion.


Had to have a picture of this chap!


There is quite a lot of para-gliding around here. Tempting!


In Mielan there are figures everywhere! Good effort!


All sorts of subjects! in all sorts of places!


At the Mairie there was even a wedding going on!


This was worth a picture in the church yard.


And this guy, obviously having rabbit stew tonight!


Large (wine?) Chateaux.


No post without a church! And a signpost!


This is the church at Lectoure.


There was also a massive spider in this tree!

That brings the pictures up to date!

Only other news – our solar panel stopped working. It turned out to be the charge controller. The negative terminal to the battery had a bad solder joint on the PCB, which was to big for my soldering iron. Luckily it is electrically the same terminal as the negative for the solar panel… so moving the wire to share this connection has sorted the problem (and actually it is probably electrically better!)

Today we might move on to Valence D’Agen… This is the aire with the showers!

Next post…. who knows!


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