15 August

The last few places we have stayed the connection time on the wifi has been limited to 15 minutes! Not enough to upload a batch of photos!


This is the square at La Bastide D’Armagnac. There seem to be a lot of Bastides in France!


They are all nice and shady on a hot day. We have had quite a few of them now.


This is Sauvagnon at night time. Nice effect with the water butt!


There are quite a few of these road side laundry points, often by garages! You  wouldn’t see many of these left in Liverpool!


Roundabout time! There were sheep with udders, but I thought the dog was more unique!


Then we passed a number of these as we snaked up the hill…


Nice footprints on this dam wall!


This is Lanuza in Spain. Lovelly area!


View of the actual town. No shops, one bar, and sweltering. Our water pump died again here. It wasn’t leaking any more but the pressure switch was in a bad way from the previous leak. We took it all apart, found the silver contact had come off the arm in the microswitch. Cleaned it all up and even managed to solder it back on! It is now working brilliantly!


And here we are, what a lovely setting!


Today (7 August) It is Andrea’s birthday, so we had sausage curry as a special treat! That was the only meat we had, but it was good. We used one of those packs of Balti sauce from Home Bargains!


I wandered up the hill to take this picture of where we were parked. The Pyrenees is a lovely place to tour.


We then moved onto Arrens Marsous…


To help the fridge along with the heat some kind person had dumped a computer near where we parked, so we now have an extractor fan to help get the hotair out from the top grill. Just making the temperature switch for it now….

We are presently in Lectoure, and the wifi is not bad, So I will probably empty the camera and post the next batch!

Last night they had a festival which appeared to celebrate the melon! Music went on until after 2 this morning!

Next post… In a bit hopefully!


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